Splendour Floral Pouring Art | Original Painting | ShintaraRose Art

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This stunning piece is finished with a double coat of epoxy clear glass resin.

Closed in at the back and ready to hang!

Dimension 12″ x 24″


Splendour Floral Pouring Art

Splendour Floral Pouring Art


Splendour Floral Pouring art is

coated with glass resin and ready to hang!

Hang in a dry area, hanging in a damp area

could cause the backing to swell!

Resin is easy to clean and you can simply wipe

over with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

Coated with 900ml of Clear Glass Resin, this piece is well

protected against UV light, giving it protection against sun

damage and fading!

The backing is made of Hardy Panel.

Blue and white

Dimensions 12″ x 24″

Original art has a 30 day money back guarantee !

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Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions12 × .05 × 24 in