Pegasus Vortex

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'Heart Flame Activation'
'Heart Flame Activation'
Pegasus Vortex Original Art
'Inspiration A Gift For All Of Creation'


It was a sunny morning in September 2015!

I lay down on the lawn and did a mother earth

healing meditation in the privacy of my home.

That was the day I received a vision of Pegasus Vortex;

it was a bright sharp vision that took my breath away!

The Meditation was a beautiful experience!

'Creating a Peaceful World' Starts Within!

Healing all past wounds relating to Mother and Father

Balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies

Letting Go Of Negative Emotions

Have Faith!

Believe in Yourself!

Trust Your Inner Vision!


As I sat in my chair, under the patio,

mesmerized by my experience,

my chair rocked underneath me and the sliding door rattled,

I heard a 'Whisper in the Wind' 'Thank you, we hear you'!

Shortly after I headed straight to town,

bought a canvas and the journey began.

Truth is, I had no idea what I was doing

or how I would create a painting from a vision,

however, I was determined to give it a go.

The journey was one of trusting my intuition.

  I play inspirational music and meditations while I paint,

so I feel I work with this energy as well.


Integrity, Nobility, Truth, Love and Wisdom

Pegasus is free in spirit, leaving the earthly turmoil behind.

Pure in spirit,

Journeying the realms cleansing away impurities.

Pegasus Vortex with always be a masterpiece to me!

Now glossed and framed (a gift from my eldest son),

hangs in my art room, reminding me

that when things get tough,

don't give up.

Signed and dated 7th March 2017.

Illuminus - Original Painting
'Illuminus' - Mystical FireDragon

Mystical Power Animals

I was listening to a podcast

about our mystical power animals.

When I heard that we all have a dragon, I immediately

began the journey of connecting with my Fire Dragon.

Her name is  'ILLUMINUS'!

She is Strength and Courage!

She is Confidence!

Whilst painting Illuminus I enjoyed listening to

 'One Step Forward',

'Crystalline Activation'

 St Germain's Violet Flame of Transmutation meditations!

They were so perfect!

Inspiring me to connect with my power animal,

the rainbow energy and violet flame!

The very first message written on the canvas it self (now painted over) was

'Release all Fear from thy Being'

'It is time to heal all wounds relating to mother and father"

The Affirmations that resonate with this painting are:-

"I am Strength and Self-Confidence"

"I am Crystal Clear Will"

'I call upon Illuminus to clear the path ahead of all lower energies and entities and to be guided by Archangel Gabriel'. 

And So It Is

'On the Edge' Original Art
'On The Edge'

Inspired by the need of some color therapy,

creating light, energy flow.

At the time of creating 'On the Edge' I was feeling

a little isolated in the 'Artistic Cyber World! .

Hence the cabin standing on its own solid foundation.

The colors yellow, red and orange symbolize

the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base Chakras.

To be honest sometimes it feels like I am sucked

into the unknown and daunting Cyber World of no return.

Some see this piece as a symbolization of global warming,

there is no right nor wrong - it just is, what it is.

(Influence Bob Ross)

'Ready Captain - Original Art
'Ready Captain'

An ocean scene capturing light and tranquillity that resembles the nature of my son!

A fun project for my youngest son, Jerram.

This piece was inspired by the love and companionship

our four-legged friends give to us.

Ready to conquer the ocean and protect his master

from predators that dwell beneath.

'Gone Fishing'

A colourful scene capturing the tranquility of the great outdoors!

‘Gone Fishing’ was created for my eldest son, Harley.

While painting, it was as if I was telling a story to his children,

my future grandchildren.

I wanted to capture a little of everything that

my son likes to do, including his new-found hobby,

snowboarding, hence why there are snowy mountains in the background.

The palm tree signifies his holiday time at home

in sub-tropical Queensland and the rest is as it is.

Size 24" h x 48" w x 1.5"d

'Lovers Cove'

An expression of Love and Tranquility.

For my beautiful daughter, Krystal.

Inspired by my daughter and her partners first holiday together in Thailand, Phi Phi Island.

The Frangipanis' are an extra and are a symbol of beauty, strength, determination, peace and tranquillity.

These stunning flowers work with the heart and solar plexus chakras, bringing positive to one’s life, resembling my daughters' purity and determination throughout life.

Size 30"h x 40"w x 0.5"d

'Heart of the Viking'

A fleet of Viking boats sail the pristine waters on a mystical moonlit night!

The fires are burning as they enter the shore.

All are welcomed by clan members as they prepare to feast and celebrate the forthcoming winter solstice.

The first ship represents the Vikings sea guardian, The Dragon, protector of its people.

Resembling strength and determination.

The second boat, with its shields of copper and gold and its throwing axes on the sail represent honour and unity.

A big thank you to my son Jesse, my sunshine, for inspiring me to paint Heart of the Viking!

Size  36" h x 48" w x 0.5"d

Australian Wildlife Original Painting

'In Your Hands'

Care of Wildlife and the Environment

is the responsibility of every individual on this planet.

Living in a popular holiday destination has been an eye opener.

The amount of litter left behind on our beaches is disheartening!

On my many waterfront walks,

I have picked up countless amounts of plastic,

 even witnessed people watch their plastic shopping bags

being carried by the wind towards the water,

with no care or concern to retrieve it.

"Every step we take towards caring for our environment has a great impact"

Capturing the beauty of our wildlife and natural world!

As the sun begins to set

koalas settle in an old gum tree.

Kangaroos watch over their Joey

as the emu prepares his journey back to the distant mountains.

  The turtle enjoys the last rays of sunshine

before heading back into the pure fresh water

and the kookaburra flies above.


12" x 24" Acrylic Pouring on Canvas

Rivers Flow

12" x 24" Acrylic Pouring on Canvas

Cockatoo Floral Abstract Painting


16" x 16" Acrylic Painting/Pouring on Canvas



Happy Times Dolphins Play

Happy Times - Dolphins Play


12" x 24" Acrylic Pouring/Painting


Splendor Original Art - Blue and white floral abstract pouring painting. Finished with two coats of resin and ready to hang. Dimension 12" x 24"


12" x 24" Acrylic Pouring on Canvas

Rainbow Waterfall Acrylic Painting

Rainbow Waterfall

12" x 24" Acrylic Pouring on Canvas

Deep Sea Turtle - Painting/Pouring


12" x 12" Round Acrylic on Canvas

Kookaburra Painting/Pouring 2020

Commissioned Art!

'Kookaburra' Painting Pouring 2020 - Commissioned Artwork.

16" x 16" Round Canvas