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Kookaburra Painting/Pouring Sold!

Kookaburra Painting/Pouring Original Art May 2020
Kookaburra Painting/Pouring 202
Kookaburra Painting/Pouring Original Art May 2020
Original Artwork

Commissioned Artwork Sold for $350.00!

A Gift For Mum

Kookaburra Painting Pouring Sold!  What an amazing feeling it is when someone is happy to pay for an artwork that I have created!

Firstly, I am grateful to my loyal customer for inspiring me to paint the Kookaburra Painting Pouring!

When asked if I could create a painting for her mum, 'a late mothers day gift', I was delighted as much as shocked that somebody wanted me to do a painting for them, WOW!

'I want one like that one Sabine, but mum loves Kookaburras', she said, while pointing to the Deep Sea Turtle painting, hanging  on her office wall.

"What colors suit your mum's home"? I asked.

"I don't know Sabine, your the artist" she replied.

Yes, I guess I am!  Gee I hope I can paint Kookaburras!


Having lost my mum suddenly, four years ago, made this painting special!  Close to my heart!

Mum was very creative so I have her to thank for passing the gift onto me and to tell you the truth, I did ask for Mum's help with this one.

Being creative is fun, fulfilling and therapeutic! (Most of the time).

What a happy outcome!

I AM Proud of this piece!

Unconditional Love between mother and child!

Mum is Worth It!

So if  you recall!  In one of my Post Updates I mentioned that the Deep Sea Turtle sold for $65!

'My customer, although very pleased with her purchase, told me that my price was too cheap.

O.k. so how do I price my Art?  Will people pay for it?  How do I value myself, my time?

A lot of work/time goes into creating the finished product!

There are a number of formulas an artist can use to price their work!

Firstly, I chose the hourly rate of $25/hour plus the cost of materials.  Initially the price came to $396.95 including a discount which my customer was more than happy to pay!

Her expression when she saw the finished product, priceless!

Just because my customer is 'awesome' I reduced the price to $350.00, after all, if it wasn't for my customer, I would not have given this artwork a thought.

So I reduced my hourly rate to $20/hr + materials, less a 10.5% discount!

To be honest I was quite nervous about the price and didn't expect my customer to agree on it.

"Mum is worth it Sabine", Mum will love it", she said and the colors were perfect for Mum's home.

In conclusion both myself and my customer are 100% happy with the outcome!

'Blossom' Floral Abstract - New Design

ShopVida ShintaraRose Collection

Blossom Sheer Wrap
Blossom Cocoon Wrap
Blossom Cotton Scarf
Blossom Cashmere Scarf
Blossom Cashmere Scarf
Blossom Modal Scarf
Blossom Over-sized Merino Wool Scarf
Blossom Infinity Scarf
Blossom Silk Square Scarf
Blossom Mini Square Scarf

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Cockatoo Floral Abstract Art is Ready to Hang!

 $235.00 - Members Save!

Cockatoo floral abstract art is ready to hang!

Dimensions 16" Diameter

Two Coats of Resin

Signed and dated on the back of the canvas!

Comes with Certificate of Authentication

Deep Sea Turtle sold for $65.00 AUD!


I was not happy with the overkill of screws on the backing,

nevertheless the new owner didn't mind,

all she saw was perfection!

So with the backings for 'Cockatoo Floral Abstract'

and 'Dolphins Play' I focused on getting a tidier outcome.

It always helps to pre-drill the holes and have

the right sized screws!

Cockatoo Floral Abstract painting has also been signed

and dated on the back of the canvas,

unfortunately I did not have

my memory card in my camera when I took the photo!


All in all,

it takes about 15 hours to complete my artwork,

That doesn't include drying time - approximately 4 days

(Paint and Resin)


2 - 3 hours to apply resin coats,

(approximately 1 hour per coat).

It takes about an hour to cut the backing

and fix it to the back of the canvas.

All pieces are sealed around the edges with clear silicon, giving each peace a tidy finish.


Practice makes perfect!
Practice makes perfect!
Best resin coat ever! Not a spec of dust!
Product Image
Signed and Dated
Product Image
Valley of Dreams

'Valley of Dreams'

I like the idea of creating backgrounds

with the Acrylic Pouring Technique!

It's always a surprise!

You can have an idea, picture the way you would

like it to turn out and if it turns out

the way you had imagined, well then that is a bonus!

My pourings never turn out the way I see them in my mind,

but that's ok, because I can still work with them.

My plan for this one is to add a Rainbow Lorikeet to it!

But first I would like to finish 'Songs of Italy'

Progress Painting

I am experimenting with a different technique,

playing around with colour, light and reflection

and ensuring that I am applying enough

paint of my canvas!

Last but not least!  'Dolphins Play'


An experiment with not the best outcome!

With this piece I added Pigment Powder to my resin,

unfortunately it went places I didn't want it to be.

That's ok, lesson learnt!

It depends on how much light is on the painting

to how much of the pigment can be seen.

(2nd image taken in direct sunlight)

I am sure my granddaughter with still

be happy with it!


So for now,

Stay Safe and Focus on the Good Things in Life!

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Cockatoo Floral Abstract Products Available Now!

As I sit here and think about what to write in this blog,

there is a part of me that just does not want to write at this time

with the chaos that is occurring around the globe.

My heart goes out to all affected by this current Pandemic

and I wish for you and all around you to be safe

and to remain in the best of spirits that you possibly can!

As a Support Worker in the Aged Care Community

the main concern our elderly have is how poorly people

are behaving.

Not even in WWII did they see people

behave in such a disgraceful manner!

We all deal with things differently,

but the worst thing we can do to ourselves and

to those around us is to act out of fear!

So wherever you are and whatever you do,

Be Love, Be Compassion, Be Kind, Be Grateful , Be Generous!


Buy the Original Resin Coated Acrylic Painting!

Creating my own world and my safe place!

In my spare time, I like to create art.

Listening to music that uplifts and watching as little TV as possible

is my way of coping with what is and what is to come.

Over the weekend I applied a second coat of resin

to 'Happy Times - Dolphins Play' and one coat of resin to

'Cockatoo Floral Abstract'.

I am hoping that later on today I can give the

Cockatoo Canvas a second and final coat of resin.

'Happy Times Dolphins at Play' requires a third coat

of resin and that will have to be put aside until

I can order more resin.

Although happy with the fact that there is not one spec

of dust in the second coat, I did not support the underside

of my canvas with a neat peace of cardboard,

therefore I did not have a nice even spread of the resin.

So third coat should hopefully be the final coat.

Cockatoo Floral Abstract Products Available!

Shower Curtains, Round Beach Towels, Tote Bags, Cushions, Art Prints.


Please let me know if you have any issues with the CODE.

I set them and does the rest.


Thank you again for being a part of ShintaraRose Art!


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Deep Sea Turtle Art – Original Sold!

Deep Sea Turtle
Original Art - 'Deep Sea Turtle' 12" x 12" Acrylic Painting/Pouring 2020

Happy to Announce!

Deep Sea Turtle!  12" x 12" diameter Acrylic on Canvas sold within a day of completion!

What a wonderful surprise!

Just needs its resin coats and back, then ready for its new home.


You know, I sold this piece for $65, without really thinking about the amount of hours I had put into painting the turtle!

My eldest son (Harley) sent me a message saying that I was selling way too cheap and that he would have paid me $165.00.

(Mind you, I will not sell anything to family or friends - that just doesn't feel right to me)

Pricing artwork is challenging!

As I said to Harley, if I was to charge per hour, approximately 10 hours at $30/hour and then the cost of resin, backing and the time in doing the finishing touches,  it makes it quite an expensive art piece.

At the end of the day, I was thrilled that somebody wanted to buy it!


I currently have two artworks on display at our local Art Center - 'Rivers Flow' and 'Splendor'

Both of these paintings are Gallery Priced at $285.00 and will be on display for about another month.

I have a number of pieces for Sale, it's just a matter of finding the time to take the photos and place them on my website!




Pixels - ShintaraRose