about shintararose art

About ShintaraRose Art

Welcome to ShintaraRose Art
Welcome to ShintaraRose Art

Vision Statement

Creating unique one-of-a-kind artwork.

Empowering others to follow through on their inspiration and ideas, to believe in one's own uniqueness.

Supporting Children's Rights, Women's Rights, Animal Rights and the Environment


The Bigger Picture From the Beginning 


To support our Youth in healing and the Arts!

It all began with an Affirmation

'Heart Flame Activation'
'Heart Flame Activation'


In 2015 whilst reading 'Wishes Fulfilled', by the late Dr Wayne Dyer,

I came across an Affirmation that tugged my heart strings!

I felt inspired to paint the affirmation onto a canvas

so I would remember it.


At the time, little did I realize,  this would be the first of many paintings and creative works to come.

Pegasus Vortex was the second Acrylic Painting on Canvas solely created through intuition/imagination.

It was for me, a healing journey on many deep levels.

Being creative is, by all means, my therapy.

ShintaraRose Art - Intuit Artist

Mid Abstract Naïve Artist

Above and Beyond Imagination

Not having had lessons in art,

I solely began the journey creating through inner vision,

trusting intuition when inspired to create ‘Pegasus Vortex’.

I like to focus my works on tranquillity, light, vibrancy and colour.

As a nature's child; I very rarely do I enjoy being closed in by walls. 

I spend most of my time outdoors and have always been fascinated

by the wonders of our natural world.

Acrylics are my preferred medium.

Inspiration has come from my children! 

I am truly grateful for the inspiration they have given me,

for believing in me, and giving me a challenge!


Gone Fishing  Gone Fishing Original Art

Ready Captain

Ready Captain Original Art

Lovers Cove

Lovers Cove Original Art

Heart of the Viking

Heart of the Viking Original Painting


I enjoy the challenge and there is no better feeling than doing something with love and good intention.

As the saying goes 

'You'll never know, until you have a go!'